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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Entrance Age: 5 Years old by August 31

Helpful hints for incoming kindergarteners

  • Knows first and last name
  • Writes first name (okay if all uppercase, kindergarten teacher will model the use of upper and lower case letters as well as writing last name) 
  • Separates easily from family and can trust other adults
  • Is independent in the bathroom
  • Knows how to verbalize needs
  • Operates a backpack independently (please purchase a backpack that can hold extra clothes and an 8.5x11 folder for papers)
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Can rote count
  • Is able to sit for about 10 minutes
  • Shows interest in books
  • Starting to recognize and names alphabet letters and numbers
  • Remembers simple songs, chants and rhymes
  • Participates in group discussions
  • Able to follow two step directions
  • Able to handle mildly stressful incidents
  • Interacts with other children
  • Makes needs known

School success is enhanced by a parent who:

  • Is organized

  • Is affirming

  • Reads to child

  • Is actively involved with the school

  • Advocates for the learning needs of child

Kindergarten Screening 

  • Appointment made in advance. See Kindergarten Timeline for details.

  • Conducted in response to state law requiring all public schools to offer assessment procedure for children before entering kindergarten

  • Brief 20 minutes or less assessment

  • One-on-one with school personnel

  • Helps identify children who may have significant learning differences

  • Results shared in a timely manner